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Sports_2.jpg Dr. Lett's SPORT SPECIFIC PROGRAM

Sport Specific is my program that is designed, "JUST FOR YOU".

I have taken my extensive sports background and combined it with my chiropractic expertise to allow you to enjoy and help you excel in your chosen athletic activity. Whether you play for fun, or if you want to compete at the highest level possible, I can provide you the balance to do your very best. 

Tiger Woods is the very best golfer of this generation and one of the best ever. His secret lies not with having the will to win but with having the will to prepare to win!! Khalid Khannouchi has run 3 of the 7 sub 2:06 marathons in history, is the US record holder, knows how to prepare and give himself the best chance. Chiropractic care also plays a part in their regimen of care. The list goes on and on of famous athletes that train hard and utilize natural methods to perform at their very best. 

Coming from a smallish high school, class 2A in Glencoe, AL, many of us participated in all the various sports. I participated in football (playing on the only state championship team in the school history), basketball, baseball, golf and our 1 track meet a year. I then participated in football 2 years and golf 2 years at Jacksonville State University, (AL). I have played USTA league tennis and I am an avid golfer (2 hcp). 

This participation in many different sports, along with my chiropractic education, has given me a great basis to determine what is necessary to enhance performance. Professionally, I have obtained additional education with a 120 hour course in Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness. Plus, volunteering my efforts with different sports teams and the PGA Deposit Guaranty Golf Classic (now Farm Bureau in Jackson, MS) treating over 75 professionals. Finally, my Father, Dr. M.G. Lett of Glencoe, AL was a high school team doctor for over 55 years and was one of the most knowledgeable in working with different injuries in the country and has taught me much.

We will take a look at the sport or activity you choose to spend your valuable time with and offer you one of the healthiest means to do so. Call and take advantage of this very worthwhile and specific service tailored to fit your needs.


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